Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have been madly trying to get scarves and shawls done for Ballarat Forum  for the sales day and almost embellished out-but am looking forward to Kims class .
One of my new shawls with wrought iron style cutwork embellishing and the never ending roses
 Which reminds me i need to look at my requirements list -might help if I bring along the forum stuff as well
Heres  some happy customers lol!

Heres Sue dennis in her scarf before she went off to the USA

Hers my friend Aggie in one of my scarves

this little moth in bright yellow landed next to me as I was clipping branches in the garden -the yellow was so vivid -have never seen a moth that bright before

Monday, March 26, 2012

Well I think i have a sort of handle on posting but it is a new medium for me so hopefully i havnt doubled or tripled up on anyone, with the first images etc.
Sue Dennis just sent me emails of how boring 2QAQ meetings can be-only joking and how useful boobs can be -lol!

Am i outside the blogishere in political terms?????????????

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Beginning Journey

Ok I said I would start a blog and fingers crossed I have done it all correctly. So do forgive me if its not all sorted yet!
I do want to say thank you to Sue Dennis for hosting a lovely get together for SAQA Oceania members with newbies Mel Forrest and I , along with Lisa  , Sue , Gail and Ali. Heres the mug shot to prove it.