Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spitalfield markets

As we are staying in what used to be a gangland area of London now being gentrified- kind of- we decided as the weather was cold and foggy to not go to far, and explore the local area. Also it was a craft/ art date at the markets so decided to investigate the area, as these markets have been around for about 40 or more years. We found our way there and while jeff had a drink I whiled my time looking around all the retro, dubious antique clothing and assorted arty stalls. It was a mini reconascence for trends for my accessories but didn't find slot that was different. Spoke with a no. Of young crafters and found many were degree or guild grads trying to make a living with their passion and as with Australia there has been huge cutbacks in the arts in Britain and they were feeling the pinch of the economy. Sounds familiar!
But I bought a couple of scarves some pieces of jewellery and nearly a top hat. I did find some interesting street art and graffiti to finish off our afternoon.
Oh and loved the cute wedding double decker awaiting a bridal party - that was cool!

Columbia flower markets and brick rd

Sunday we were advised to venture to Columbia rd for there famous flower market, it was beautiful but very crowded and interesting seeing plants Vand flowers foreign and familiar, and surprisingly many Ozzie varieties. So hundreds of photos later, we moved into the cute art shops along the back of the markets, then ventured to brick rd , known for its Indian and Vietnamese foods. We stumbled onto warehouse after warehouse filled with vintage and retro stalls and art and crafts by the bucket load but all very similar. One interesting one was a family that make jewellery from old clay pipes and ceramics salvaged from the mud and banks of the Thames. They were very interesting! A little further on we followed a crowd into another warehouse to be over powered by magic aromas of a multicultural food court, amazing freshly cooked meals from around the world. Even doughnuts from Transylvania which are flat and sold by the metre but super yummy.

Post Tim walker

After the gorgeous Tim walker exhibition we were struggling with one umbrella and 2 semi wet people so decided to head back to the dungeon in Hoxton . Jeff had made his way to a model shop and was home warm and dry by the time we got there. For a quick dinner we had fish and chips ,from a local shop, not as exiting as anticipated, cod was ok but boy it's all greasy. Lauren caught up with her Australian friend Victoria, who's living in London for a year and we prepared for the weekend markets.

More Tim walker

Seeing the props and the images from fashion shoots but also well known actors and artists .

After the v and a it was Somerset house for an amazing exhibition

Tim Walker: Story Teller
18 October 2012 - 27 January 2013
After the v and a we ventured into the rain to visit the newly opened Tim walker exhibition and it was amazing!
Tim Walker is one of the most visually exciting and influential fashion photographers working today. Extravagant in scale and ambition and instantly recognisable for their eye-opening originality, Walker’s photographs dazzle with life, colour and humour.

Blogging a bit behind due to dubious wifi

After the fashion exhibit we wanders through a few areas of the v and a and sadly the massive Hollywood exhibit was having its members only preview on the day- bummer as it looks fab!
But we managed to buy in the shop and and could have gone crazy with book buying. Curse weight restrictions!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The V and A period clothing collection

I took hundreds of images and especially the amazing Chiully glass sculpture in the foyer, as well as the period fashion displays.from Victorian through to the 80's and 90's.