Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vatican city

Today our first stop was the Vatican City - as an independent city within Rome the opulence was astounding and sad ,with Italy being in financial strife. There was a feeling amongst the guides and it seems the general public of disenchantment with the Vatican crying poor. When you see the wealth and the money making with no taxes ,I can understand, especially asthe clergy get paid sometimes triple the average citizens wages and private cars etc. .
But anyway the Sistine chapel was amazing! Again no pics inside only in the other parts and outside!. The Brussels tapestries woven with gold were amazing taking 10 years to complete each.

But there is the obligatory 1 foot in both countries photo!
but anyway.


  1. You're looking so well and happy!
    this trip is magic. Keep the photos coming

  2. Thanks it has been great and jeff had more fun than me ,I think . He was a social hit o n the bus- so much for not wanting to go! Lol!