Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We move into our own dungeon!!!

After a lovely stay at marlin apartments in Limehouse, docklands, we moved to Hoxton which is trendier and more expensive to boot, but the basement apartment was a little like a dungeon in comparison to our previous digs,wifi was almost non existent and phone reception want much better, but it did have lots of local - hmmm colour perhaps not quite the word! It's a haunt for under 24 yr olds- need I say more. Lauren joined us for the 5 day stint from Paris and very homesick. Joy for us- 2 not so trendy parents and a 20 something trapped in a tiny bedsit. Luckily it forced us out daily no matter what the weather and lo 3 friends from oz lived around us- yay!!! Which cheered her up a little. Jeff still ill but slowly improving. My only joy the first day after lugging once again luggage from venue to venue was hand feeding a squirrel some croissant! Well thrilled me anyway!

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