Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Columbia flower markets and brick rd

Sunday we were advised to venture to Columbia rd for there famous flower market, it was beautiful but very crowded and interesting seeing plants Vand flowers foreign and familiar, and surprisingly many Ozzie varieties. So hundreds of photos later, we moved into the cute art shops along the back of the markets, then ventured to brick rd , known for its Indian and Vietnamese foods. We stumbled onto warehouse after warehouse filled with vintage and retro stalls and art and crafts by the bucket load but all very similar. One interesting one was a family that make jewellery from old clay pipes and ceramics salvaged from the mud and banks of the Thames. They were very interesting! A little further on we followed a crowd into another warehouse to be over powered by magic aromas of a multicultural food court, amazing freshly cooked meals from around the world. Even doughnuts from Transylvania which are flat and sold by the metre but super yummy.

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