Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Fixed -I think!!!
Ive had problems learning this blog medium and had my blog looping to no where but I think Ive fixed my website and blogspot now!
Fingers Crossed!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

embellishing no more -well at least for now!

designer knit -orange/rust

silk shawl-midnight blue purple shades
silk shawl dyed with the slightest tinge of green

Here are some samples of all my hard work
After a week of constant embellishing Im finally in melbourne with all my girls-Bella, Sofia and Sally.
I cant wait to relax before going to the Ballarat Forum to do Kim Tittachai's class.

awakening the Dragon and the largest Easter egg hunt in Australia

After  arriving in Melbourne for Easter my sister had organized for us all to stay in Bendigo for the huge easter celebrations held there annually, which included the Largest Easter Egg Hunt in Australia, Cadbury had donated 10,000 eggs and while it was divided into age groups, this activity was a mad house of children hunting for small eggs. It went on all day and was great fun!!
my neices were in there some where!
One of the Wakening of the Dragon -lion shows
We were also privy to 2 of the 3 days of Blessing of the Dragon and Waking of the Dragon Ceremonies, with traditional dances, Lion Dances, dragon and spirit dances, along with thousands of crackers going off. The last day was the dragon parade as he awakes and moves through the street bringing good luck and the Chinese New Year. The Bendigo Imperial dragon is the longest outside of China with 80,000 mirrors on him.So it is a popular and busy festival.
Isabella with her tattoo.
It was a lovely couple of days with lots of activities and beautiful weather, and botanical gardens,