Monday, June 18, 2012

Rusty Fun -in a bag!!

Rusty Fun -in a bag!!
After our last 2QAQ meeting (or 2quack as its lovingly called-our qld art quilters group). Ali had run a soywax and rusting day and I put my  salt soaked white open muslin in a bag and left it while ai was away in Perth.
It wouldnt have lasted that long if i was home-it would be too much temptation watching it slowly develop in its clip[lock bag!

The first glimpseson pulling out of the bag

Yumminess being revealed

And here is some pics of the fabric once evrything was removed-it has already given me to work on. some ideas

It will be interesting to see the reveal by others at our next meeting-cant wait!
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Look Im in the Indian Ocean!!

I know Ive been back a week but just wanted to share a few of my pics -not all, as I took heaps
But it was a lovely visit and I just wanted to share a  few pics
Frank thought I shouldhave a pic of my self in the Indian ocean -lol!! So here tis!!!

The Beautiful sky hid the terrible storm that raced through Perth. 
Frank and Lyn Brown myfun and gracious hosts, and above is a quck collage of the workshop the day i left -we were smiling  but the wind and noises were very scary and sounded like the roof was going to come off . Which it did in some places.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Perth - a land of sandstone castles!!!!!

After a seemingly very long flight  and arriving in the early morning (QLD time) of Sat 1st of June, I arrived in Perth. I had a sleep and then then we headed off for the WA ATASDA Branch meeting.
It was a lovely afternoon ,meeting the ladies, me prattling on about ATASDA and National, a show and tell, afternoon tea and then my display for the workshops.

 Lorraine Philips with her exhibition pieces.
 After the meeting Lyn kindly took me on a drive around to some of the Perth tourist sites. I was surprised to see how ecclectic the buildings and architecture is! There is a big mix of styles from traditional colonials to gawdy modern, and a large amount of sandstone used everywhere. The sandstone is mined from the local rock.

This is the view from the Royal Botanic Gardens Lookout. It is a beautiful view of the incredibly wide Swan River, which winds its way through the city. It is much more expansive than I had imagined, never having been here before.
The gardens are also home to the "Aspects" gallery which has a huge amount of art , textiles, jewellery and glassware. If I wasnt saving for europe I would have purchased something! I was being very good!

We were almost too late to see the beautiful Fremantle Arts Centre-with only half an hour remaining , I rushed through the gallery, viewing Shaun Tans exhibition(winner of an academy award for "The Lost Thing")
I ventured up the very narrow and steep stairs ,to view the upstairs art studios , then the shop gallery.
The beautiful facade belies its cruel history of being a womens' mental asylum.

We also visited the The Femantle Monument as the sun was setting.
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