Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long break between blogs!

Well it's been a long break between blogs- one of those gunna' do it tasks. I seem to get further away from my electronic gadgetry these days, when I keep being told I need to do more of it.
But anyway I have a blog hop with SAQA Oceania groups relating to my piece that's currently a part of the silent auction at http://www.saqa.com/gallery-mini-detail.php?ID=2416   
I need to get back into swing of it so thought I'd post some of my dyeing I did today.
I'm going through a silk velvet phase at the moment and did my first Devore in years the other day. 
I had  forgotten how much fun it is watching the image appear after you've ironed it and washed it off.I dyed it peacock green after. It's not perfect but its a start. Here are some of the dyed bits and bobs! 
It never ceases to amaze me how the same dye bath can give such varying shades depending if its wool,silk, linen, cotton etc . So far I've I've done black, navy, peacock green and sky blue is next- which reminds me I have a dye bath on the boil and havnt checked it- oops!         Gotta run!


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