Saturday, July 14, 2012

Opening night for SOTA12 at Pine Rivers Gallery

Well  after driving through  rain and horrendous traffic, we arrived a little sodden but ready for Opening night -after leaving at 4.15 we got therejust before 6-so early the gallery wasnt open., but the sign was out and my quilts on it -te he!!!!
And I even wore a Dress!

My quilt Tideline being viewed -it was selected for the advertising.This quilt is based on imagery from an expose on the 10 years of drought and the hightide mark being halfway up the tree. And to think that only months after these photos were printed we were in the middle of floods across Australia

This is my second quilt - Red road/Blue Sky-based on images from my trip to central australia in the 80's when it rained while we camped at ulluru/Ayers Rock. The rock turned brown then black and the red sand turned from reds/ochres to aubergine and purples an amazing and unusual site. Sadly we arrived at our campsite the night Azaria Chamberlain went missing so the trip was memorable for more than the weather.

Elaine Campbells Quilt.
Elaine and I were the only artists present amongst around 30 or so attending the night, but it was lovely seeing the group together and the Baltic Miniatures Exhibition fitted beautifully together. We got to be introduced by the local member and of course I blushed from head to toe. the organizers were lovely and put on a spread of yummy food and assorted drinks for all tastes.

Kate Ozko on the left,   miniatures midway,   Tricia Smouts on the right.

Kathryn Illif's quilt
Alison George's quilt

Rosemary Mccalls Quilt

Mel Forrest's Quilt
Below are a selection of some of the lovely Baltic Miniatures that baeutifully accompanied the quilts in bothscale and mediums. Enjoy!!!

I loved this one below
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  1. I was there yesterday - a lovely galler, and the Baltic exhibition is amazing.

  2. Well done Felicity- your works are beautiful and loved the miniatures! Sallyx

  3. Wow Felicity - What an amazing exhibition! Thank you for showing us! Great to see some of Mels' and Ali's work as well! I do wish I could see it in person!