Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ballarat Forum -a world unto itself!

Ballarat Forum ,Kim Thittachai -the lost draft!!!

Well Ive come back from Ballarat Forum and while it was a week ago ,I think I have only now recovered!!!
It was an exhausting but fun week. Kim Thittachai was a hoot! although I didnt get a massive amount done in class time, but I got some ideas to take away and use -so that was good! And forums are such fun! Just heard that Janets Blue Mountains forum went well so its good news all round.

Kim along with some of our pieces in assorted materials. The gorgeous
organic piece was created by Wilma

Our display at the open night I had 3 pieces in the display -2 centre wall , far right and the pink 3D
Jane Bodnuruk's cute daughter in her Steampunk class with Kirry

A gorgeous Shrine from Chris Atkins workshop-hopefully well have her tutor with ATASDA
in the southern states next year. She is having a workshop in WA later in the year.

Ill have to add more images to an external album until i sort the images part out on Blogger!

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