Monday, May 7, 2012

saqa Oceania blog hop

For those interested in looking at others' studios SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association) is running a blog hop. I hope that  I have done it all correctly.
I have already taken the images for mine as they are " real"lol. As I took them before going to Ballarat. So you can only imagine!! Well youll just have to  have a look see, on May 21 and the list below has everyone else.
Fingers crossed all the links worked!!
However - every second day a new blog entry will be put up to show you through a studio.
Mel Forrest1st may    
Sue Dennis3rd May  
Lisa Walton5th May
Linda Robertus7th May    
Dale Rollerson9th May
Averil Stuart-Head11th May  
Beth Miller13th May
Sally Westcott15th May
Ali George17th May
Pam Holland19th May
Felicity Clake21st May   
Brenda Gael Smith23rd May
Alison Lawrence25th May
Jenny Bowker27th May
Sue Domeney29th may  

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