Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 2 an extraordinary experience and unashamed wealth!

Today we went to marina sands-WOW!!!!!!! Talk about. Unabashed in your face multimillionaire status is a feat in engineering with what looks like a massive curved ship atop 3 tall glass towers,and behind it is 20 hectares of gardens and super trees the gardens are ecologically designed using effluent from the resort for fertilizer and water recycling. It is a sci- fi looking surreal environment still being developed. There are multiple gardens based on Asian religion, philosophy, regions and art. It's truly breathtaking, sadly the domes were so hot and humid my camera had trouble shooting- one was a flower dome the other was a replica mountain rainforest called the cloud dome,

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  1. Last time we saw this - it was just being built - it looks great!