Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day2 in Paris!!!!!!!

Well we hit the road running - or limping in my instance!!! It was through the louvre to the Champs Elyesse for shopping and jeff bought some clothes in H andM. He actually didn't need prompting although socks were important on his mind-not sure why lol!!!! But pants, jacket and shirt was fine by me!
We ambled through the gardens onto the Arch de Triomphe and went up the 300 some stairs- Lordy that was a trial but well worth the view!!!
Then printemps on the grand boulevards for a look at the Louis Vitton popup store etc where we left Lauren to salivate while we looked in La Fayette and then a coffee and homemade ice cream , more me than shopping. We left Lauren to venture to Collette another designer haven and we went home which was only a few blocks away!! Boy exhaustion was rife but beautiful. You will have to excuse the pics as iPads blogger seems to put them in random order- but here goes!

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