Saturday, September 29, 2012

The berg, Hallein and the Salzburg Festung(festival)

Sadly all these photos aren't viewable as I bought a new card and the iPad can't read it. So 2 days worth of photos will have to go up when I return. It's sad as we had a lovely day in the mountains with Klara, finished off by a visit to Hallein where Salzburg's famous salt mines are located, for a huge ice cream. Hallein is very interesting as it has a large Turkish community from mining, and also Celtic roots found in recent archeological digs.
The following day we went into Salzburg and onto the Festung- which is the oldest and only fortress in europe, that has never been taken by force. It survived many attempts and was only surrendered to napoleons without challenge.

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  1. Were you sent to the salt mines or did you go of your own accord?
    2qaq today. We'll miss you. Don't you go hurrying back here though!
    Suzanne in brisbane