Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hoxton st little monsters shop

After a day at the markets I went for a wander to the end of Hoxton st , not considered the "nice "part of the area, and discovered an amazing little shop. Rather non descript at first until I read the title. "Hoxton st monster supplies" could have been a lady gaga shop for all I knew. On closer inspection I saw jars of human snot, eye balls, jars of moonlight and sunlight, as well as monster tooth floss, and the list went on. I had to go in and the gorgeous girls inside let me photograph everything- as it turned out it was a shop front for a creative writing workshop , to aid the less fortunate children of the area, and get them into creative writing. I was instantly hooked and had to go home and get my purse to buy a monster map of Hoxton and some other ghoulish items. It was wonderful! I'm hoping that you can read the writing in some of the images!i would have bought a bottle of laughter to keep spare if I wasn't worried it would break on the trip home , and cause a giggle fest.

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