Thursday, November 1, 2012

The solo adventure begins!

After jeff and Lauren left I had 2 days and nights alone before flying to Puglia. I had decided that I would go to London tower to see more of Kendra Hastes wire work, but after adding the costs up- as most attractions around London aren't cheap plus a daily tube fare, and the weather was again dark and densely foggy. I decided to investigate the local area. I needed a light bag for my extra kilos of luggage and the concierge recommended a small local market. So I headed back towards Hoxton , found the bag I needed, along with fabrics, could have gotten loads of scarves and clothing cheap, but found a little DIY shop that sold amazing textured wallpapers. After chatting with the staff, they have me metre long samples of about 10 different ones- score!! And it was even free! From here I walked on to the Whitechapel gallery, which had interesting installations and I thought they had Damian Hursts Shark in resin ,but apparently it's rotting and leaking and no longer on display. From here I found Petticoat lane which has the most amazing African and Indian fabrics and I ended up back at Spital field markets, where I bought my top hat that I had wanted to buy but hadn't. Then with fading light and masses of traffic, I hurriedly walked back home. I wouldn't walk these areas at night.

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