Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lavender hill and then the palace

This was our second last day together and jeff had worked out a plan for finding a model and sci fi shop, and then we were off to see the palace . It was a really wet foggy day. After a tube an train ride, then short walk , we found the shop and the characters that run it, and a saving grace was that there was a nice fabric shop next door, so that made my day. If only it was as light as silk. They had beautiful liberty fabrics by the mile. But I did get a few small pieces to add to the weight limit. We had coffee t a nice cafe and then bused and tubed to the palace. We met lauren, did the look around and then walked back through st James park. We loads of geese , ducks other birds and loads of crazy squirrels. It's sad that they going to kill around 20,0000 grey ones soon. I gather they aren't native and have overtaken red squirrel areas- but still I hate to see anything killed and they are cute but I imagine to the Brits it's the same as brush tail possums overrunning other species, still sad though!!!!

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