Sunday, September 30, 2012

On the road to vienna

Today we headed to Vienna , three hours by car with a break on the way. Everything was large scale at the stop. Lauren spotted a 5 kg Nutella container and 2 kg of toblerone etc.
On arrival in Vienna we had lunch and then we into the city for a few hours to orientate ourselves on the underground and look around. So much to see in such a short time.

Day -part 2

The rest of he photos from the exhibition.

Klimt and Schiele exhibition at the Leopold!

We only had few hours in the morning to go to see the Klimt and Schiele exhibition at the Leopold museum. It was wonderful but not as much Klimt as I would have liked, but it all beautiful. And we squeezed in a look at an interesting fashion exhibition that was free for the end of vienna's fashion week.
After that we walked to the university of Vienna to meet Albert and off to my cousin Ali 's flat for lunch and then to his stilt house by the Danube. We met Ali and his son elias there for a catch up and then had dinner high in the Vienna woods at a local hofbrau house.Doris Ali' girlfriend joined us for dinner.

A rest day but also a drive to Wurthersee!

Today we had a sleep in and then in the afternoon went for a drive around Wurtersee( one of the largest lakes in Austria) and especially trendy. It has a boat service to get around the different sides. We also visited a lovely gothic church with a magnificent view of the lake. And then a ice cream at the lakes edge.

Klagenfurt by day

This day was a rest day ,but we went into the old city for a look at Klagenfurt , before saying a final farewell to Heini and Ricki as they head to Italy to visit my cousin Silke, who lives in Pordenove in Italy .
We saw the Klagenfurt wurm( a type of dragon) which is the symbol of the area and made a wish from the lucky gnome.

Viktring in Klagenfurt

After arriving and a welcome coffee and topfenstrudel ( a scrumptious cheese strudel ), we went for a short walk to the local school that my cousins went to that was originally a monastery . It has an amazing church that dates back originally to roman times but was added on in the Byzantine period with splendid glass windows and vaulted ceilings. The organ alone was a work of art.

Our farewell at Heini and Rickis

After dinner we all got together and well the boys had lots of drinks and jeff was the life of the party, but it was a nice night to say goodbye to Salzburg and my family there. Well adieu!! Not farewell!